PHP Web Developer

We are freelance PHP website developers base in Malaysia that providing PHP web development for individuals and companies.

Designed for web development, PHP is a popular server-side scripting language which can be used also as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is popular for varying reasons. Its capability to be integrated well with HTML codes and its combination with different web frameworks and templating engines make it a handy tool in web development. PHP mainly works as a filter since it receives specific data and outpours outputs accordingly.

php web developer
PHP Website Developer

Freelance PHP Developer
The data received is mainly text or PHP instructions. The output is normally HTML, or alternatively JSON or XML. As a result, PHP web developers are normally expected to have enough experience with HTML. Though Zend PHP remains the most popular PHP implementation, other implementations have been introduced recently which include Phalanger, Parrot and HipHop. These implementations at times provide performance advantages over Zend PHP and a web developer is expected to have a solid understanding of these variations.

Malaysia PHP Web Developer
Since PHP has an ample archive of open source packages, a website developer should be up-to-date when it comes to latest changes and modifications in PHP. Moreover, PHP language can, and at times should, be integrated with SQL for databases, so a solid understanding of these databases comes in handy on everyday basis for a developer. One of the advantages of PHP is quick prototyping, which is why many startups are drawn to this language, as a Mashable article back in 2012 proved. Some developers attempt to validate their knowledge by taking the exam conducted by Zend. The exam covers a range of PHP instruction, from the basics to OOP (object-oriented programming).

PHP Website Developer

Developers are allowed to write a host of extensions in C, which allows them to add extra functionalities to the already-rich corpus of PHP. Thus far, a number of these extensions have become quite popular, including one written for support of the Windows API. Since its introduction, PHP has gone on to own a CLI (command-line interface) capability. This gives PHP the option to be utilized in standalone graphical applications which is a very useful extension to the rich versatility of PHP.

PHP Developer
PHP Website Developer

Freelance PHP Web Developer

Our company is the home to highly-trained and well-educated PHP web developers. We as a team of web developer pride ourselves on assembling a team whose members are innovative and well-read. They are not only well-versed in PHP, but also in other programming languages and OOP. Their familiarity with database systems and PHP implementations help them on everyday basis towards providing the best possible service for our clients. One of the important aspects of working as a PHP developer is to be in touch with other developers around the world.

PHP Web Developer

There are a number of channels to meet this goal, one of them being a member of Our team members are well aware of this need and keep an open eye on the latest changes and introductions in technology and programming languages by being part of PHP communities on the web. Their knowledge of data types, databases, arrays and string patterns help them be on top of their game. With the introduction of our PHP developers, we try to take our design and development services to the next level.


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