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Mobile Application Trends from 2015: A Fast Rewind

Aditi GuptaDecember 18, 20151842 Views 1Leave a remark

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Therefore the year 2015 comes for an finish. Android Developer been another exciting year for mobile phone applications. Numerous trends for mobile phone applications emerged this season. Although some were transported forward from 2014, many will make distance to 2016. Here’s a fast overview of what produced a buzz within the application development world:

1. Wearable : The Planet is Associated with Your Wrist

Wearables were predicted to visit big in the finish of 2014 plus they did. The Apple watch, Google’s Motorola 360 were probably the most spoken about however a hoard of wearables like Fitbit and Pebble time hit the industry this season and required Android Developer by storm.

The popularity isn’t dying in the near future. Look out for the google’s Glass 2 in 2016 , the commercial form of the premature beta version promises much more. In situation you had been wondering what apps do you experience these wearables, checkout these awesome stuff that application makers are picking out.

2. Internet of products on Mobile Phone Applications


Are you aware that you will find devices that may check and report movements and wellbeing from the seniors and track an infant’s sleeping pattern? Make a public dustbin which will send signals every time it requires emptying. Or Android Developer could control the sunlight and heating at the place together with your cell phone even when you are away.

Now stop imagining, because each one of these situations are really possible and existing as products or prototypes. The Web of products comes into being with sensors within the physical world, signals for connecting these to the virtual world, and apps over cellular devices that can make Android Developer accessible.2015 saw numerous new launches. It is just an issue of acceptance in the users before we have seen them going commercial on the massive scale.


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