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Google’s Glass

We chuckled away google’s glass prototype that looked comically ugly. However, using the product being launched again, Bing is redefining the unit to put it as being a guide to doctors.

Google glass images in IOT and HealthCare

Google glass, let’s focus on healthcare.

Along with Big Data, Google Glass could work like a App Development Company repository to keep and retrieve a patient’s information. Because of the information overlayed by Google Glass around the real life, the physician will be familiar with all of your allergic reactions, your health background and possible drug interactions while visiting his patient, therefore making diagnosing simpler.

Imagine a set of Google Glass shackled by a microscope after which consider the potential of recognition in mobile pathological labs.

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Monitoring and Tracking

When you leave a healthcare facility your personal doctor doesn’t have understanding of your way of life. Health is consequent from the lives we lead, it requires constant tracking. For many illnesses consequent of unhealthy routines, doctors advise diets and changes in lifestyle. Some existence threatening illnesses need close monitoring to prevent mishaps also .

Various tracking devices and monitors have popped up for purpose. Seniors, chronically ill patients and patients struggling with illnesses that require immediate medical assistance could be monitored twenty-four hours a day to check on for aggravating signs and symptoms. All of this without disrupting their routine lives.

Your Body Protector

Your Body Protector is really a device that connects the patients and doctors twenty-four hours a day for any better knowledge of medical problem and lifestyles. Patients struggling with lifestyle disease (diabetes and excessive cholesterol, cardiac health issues) are in advantage. And in situation patients with critical illness, if the emergency arises, an automatic alarm sets off, thus alerting the closest hospital and near and dear ones.


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