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I’m fan of typography myself and it was surprised I haven’t done any awesome font collection yet!

While doing research I had been amazed the number of through the roof quality and modern fonts are for sale to free.

Begin using these fonts for creative typography designs, company logos, Web Development Melbourne – you choose! There are many free professional fonts to select from!

And today with Sifr and other alike tools you should use any font inside your web-design really, however if you simply are artist you receive a great deal larger enjoyment through such detailed and delightful fonts. Make sure to see clearly towards the finish, once we have prepared some good tips, regarding how to choose the perfect font for your forthcoming project!


Balance between readability, elegance and employ fonts with artistic method of get most out of them, really that’s all that you should do.Modern Free Fonts


Huge assortment of modern free font to work with. There’s nothing you cannot utilize them for, web designs, wallpapers, infographics, take your pick, you have it. Get the best one for the project!

1. Sansation Typeface Modern Font3. Megalopolis Extra Typeface

Revamped form of the 2004 one. Now in OT with extended language support and OpenType features with alternates, ligatures, variations of figures, etc.4. Walkway Free Typeface

For whatever reason this is among my personal favorite modern fonts here. Love the elegant shapes, simplicity and just how clean this font appears like.2. Fertigo Pro Typeface

Beautiful, modern font and it is still unbelievable it’s free! Now Fertigo Pro version is released with extended language support and much more.

MyThemeShop Review: Your Ultimate WordPress Premium Styles Provider [$1,200 Giveaway]

Last Updated on June 5, 2016


Whether you need to construct your business or perhaps your personal brand online, your site is among the most important elements for the success. That’s the reason it is crucial that the website can reflect the personality you need to convey for your visitors.

Within this MyThemeShop review you will discover why you need to be utilising this site for your website building needs. We’ll share this premium WordPress theme provider pros, cons and advantages of choosing.

MyThemeShop has premium WordPress styles that provide your company an advantage

MyThemeShop has premium WordPress styles that provide your company an advantage


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